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If Carbs are bad, then what about culture ___?

Ever get into a discussion on Paleo, Primal, or bad carbs and then get hit in the face with the question about cultures that routinely dine on these same foods yet don’t look fat like the Western counterparts?  Why aren’t people obese in ___ they eat tons of bad carbs?  Good question.  Technically, I have not seen a perfect answer to it, but there are a number of theories/replies.  My favorite is “Your face is a bad carb!”  One presented by Peter Attia this week is helpful in dealing with these pesky questions and helps shed some light on some truths you’ve probably sought.

He attacks the issue head on by giving what he views as 3 interdependent reasons.

  1. Lower consumption of sugar
  2. Lower absolute consumption of carbohydrates
  3. More favorable consumption of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA)

What sets him apart is that he doesn’t state this information as fact, but instead implores you to test it.  He states, “really scrutinize my thesis on your own”  Bang the link to read more in-depth information and to get your arguments ready for your next discussion over a bowl of rice.