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Forbes influenced by CrossFit?

CrossFit might be a recognizable name to you, but Forbes is much more of a reputable name.  Seeing a Forbes article typical of the quick reads style (15 quick points format) did not shock me.  What did shock me was the ripple effect of CrossFit.  CrossFit landed another follower and this follower just so happens to write for Forbes.  Since they write for Forbes and mentioned CrossFit, I had to  jump on it.  Basically what we’re getting at is CrossFit impacting someone influential enough to impact me thereby I turn and toss it out as a means to impact you.  Capisce?  What did this person learn as a key to life from our famous past time?  Efficiency.

Efficiency is key and this author (Deborah Grayson Riegel) clearly understands it.  This short read centers on the CrossFit workout brevity combined with the intense level of effort to produce impacting results.  Copy, Paste, Repeat and you have real world application.  Among the mentions in this little diddy: solicit feedback, breathe on purpose, and taking 15 minutes to acknowledge someone’s contributions.

This brings up a good point.  What would your life look like if instead of saying “thank you”, you spent 15 minutes thanking someone?  Writing a handwritten note, discussing the aspects of why someone’s actions were impactful, or possibly taking the time to buy something and then present it to someone as a token of appreciation may not work for everyone, but something will.  That’s right, it’s spread-the-love Wednesday!