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The Outlaw Way to win at Regionals

I touched on The Outlaw Way before, but I did not get into depth on it.  Today, Rudy announced his thought on moving forward including his new Fee For Service style attack.  While he still offers the typical programming Outlaws have long followed, he is now sectioning off a bit of the site to people willing to open up the checkbook.

Outlaw’s Coach and Owner, Rudy Nielson, faced a dilemma on Regional strategy.  He has long worked with a number of athletes separated miles and even ocean in some occasions.  Rudy and team just returned from a Europe trip where he coached up a number of Outlaws from across the UK.  Upon announcing he would shut off access to the WOD strategy, Rudy seemed to receive a growing number of “I’ve been an Outlaw for a long time. I should get access!”  He evidently determined his best line in the sand would be making those unofficial Outlaws cough up 5000 pennies.  That’s right, for only 50 dollars American, you can also catch Outlaw’s list of strategies, tips, commentary, etc.  He even went a step further and decided to do a little security for himself to prevent people from just passing passwords.

In the end, Rudy plans to put the $50 per keyboard welding Athlete to good use as he tours the country, visits as many Regional contests as possible, and pays for the trips.  Don’t fear, lovely Outlaws. Rudy has long known the art of posting on the go.  The list of Outlaw qualifiers may exist, but who knows the real list of creepers trying to gain an edge by reading his strategy and tips?


CrossFit Games on ESPN

The Media guru of sports is going to be overdosing on exercise.  Again.  The 2012 CrossFit Games will be shown on ESPN3 and a series of shows will be seen on ESPN2.  A kicker comes, too, as they announced the Central East will be shown live.  It looks like it will take a similar format of the live action being shown on ESPN3 (online) and then ESPN2 doing some clean up of the <insert sarcasm font> amazingly well done commentary and play-by-play.  Graphics added in definitely helped make watching the games easier to digest as typical sports fans have grown accustomed to actually knowing, you know, which athlete is winning and by how much.  This was a big failure not easily overcome live as it was anyone’s guess how many reps someone had left to complete or meters left to row outside of a few comments from the Commentators (too much of a compliment to say this?).

Am I too hard on the commentators?  Yes.  Mainly because I understand their lack of experience and such, but it just hurt a bit to know this was the pinnacle of CrossFit and then to tell you friends to watch and enjoy…Rory.  Is that possible to those seeking more than eye candy and a smile?  I’m excited for the day when people get good at the live action and eloquently hammer home some facts about the athletes as they suffer under load.  Until then, we will get a full stream of PA announcing and no commentary.

Lastly, the Central East Regional will be broadcast live on ESPN3, too.  This will be the only live streaming footage of Regionals, but at least we get that.  Why the Central East?  I think it’s pretty apparent.  This guy makes good TV AND happens to be in, you know, first place overall already.