Memorial Day Murph

If you don’t know the story of Murph, go read Lone Survivor.  Murph the workout will leave you spinning, but not of the Fran variety.  This one is a long burner.  If you haven’t maxed out your CrossFit Fundraiser fund for the year, consider this one.  It is a Nationwide event and will be traced at a centralized website.  Get your gym interested and then don a weight vest.

T-Shirts come to those who pay.  $35 and proceeds go to help those associated.  For more, read up here.




The Outlaw Way’s Regional Plan

I won’t get into the entirety of my thoughts on Rudy Nielson and his Outlaw Way, but I can say that he has a lengthy list of subscribers.  Rudy owns/coaches at Outlaw CrossFit and began an experiment/online venture to push his programming to some non-centralized folks.  He has long provided programming for the likes of Brandon Phillips and other Games Competitors, but this year he upped his game.

Rudy publishes the Outlaw Way WOD online and watched his following increase.  He may be onto something as there are few online sites giving games preparation and year round detailed templates for athletes.  As the Open began, his numbers increased, but those that qualified for the games and were with him prior to the qualification date will be given access to his “instructional and strategy videos”.  He looks to keep some things from the general public before he finds a way to start charging for his ‘services’.

If you want his views on the WODs, you’ll have to wait.  He is holding back until he sees a few Regionals, but he is still providing a daily strength focused template for everyone, not just those looking to qualify for CarsonHere are the rest of his thoughts from today and what will be a site you will likely start hitting more than BP himself.

Potential NBA Rookie of the Year credits CrossFit

If I were sponsored by Reebok, I’d likely push their agenda, too.  Maybe Isaiah Thomas is doing just that OR maybe he truly sees the differences CrossFit provides.  In a recent interview with Slam, Thomas brings the truth on his rise to the top of the 1st year players.  He emphasizes his numerous WODs as preparing him (GPP?) for a long, brutal season that tends to break down the best of players.

Thomas states, “You see a lot of players toward the end of the season dying down, kinda getting more tired, and I feel like I can keep going.”  Sound familiar?  He also details how the variation and change in his typical workouts stretched him to work in areas not typically addressed in the past.

After this interview, you can add Thomas to the list of professional athletes I point out to my friends as another guy who drinks the Kool-Aid.

Nutrition – Science = Opinion

Bob Kaplan of Get in Shape for Women fame goes into detail about how cool he is (kidding.  Sort of) and his efforts to push science back into the nutrition scene.  Bob calls out those in the nutrition field for pushing their own agenda without really educating themselves on the historical figures of Nutrition, their own field.

In a day where it is just as easy to fall victim to believing the brain can’t run without carbohydrates, it is not enjoyable to see him make an effort to increase the masses on being able to prove your points, not just speak them.

Welcome, Neighbor! I brought…Veggies?

Nobody stops by your house with a plate of broccoli as a housewarming gift, but maybe they should.  I firmly believe the easiest way for people that suck at cooking to make up for it is to add sugar, cheese, or both.  Still, Paleo and Primal enthusiasts understand the importance of breaking the sugar habit.  That doesn’t mean they don’t look for alternatives.

Balanced bites provides some sweet (bad pun?) notes on why the alternatives should be kicked, too.  “ALL sweeteners, caloric or non-caloric, can contribute to weight-gain or prohibit weight loss.  Easy enough, but which ones should you use?  Balanced Bites says to stick to natural sweeteners when possible…in moderation.  What is natural these days, though?  Not Stevia.  Whaaaat?

Robb Wolf pushed this one out and for good reason.  LecturePad is what you would expect from him, it is an engaging discussion and source of information on lipids, cholesterol, and the science behind them.  Many in the field of Nutrition may be shying away from science and instead pushing  their own theories or agendas (see Russian Literature Paradox).

This site instead pushes some solid info for those looking to dig a little deeper or, as Robb says, hoping to educate their doctor.


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