The Outlaw Way’s Regional Plan

I won’t get into the entirety of my thoughts on Rudy Nielson and his Outlaw Way, but I can say that he has a lengthy list of subscribers.  Rudy owns/coaches at Outlaw CrossFit and began an experiment/online venture to push his programming to some non-centralized folks.  He has long provided programming for the likes of Brandon Phillips and other Games Competitors, but this year he upped his game.

Rudy publishes the Outlaw Way WOD online and watched his following increase.  He may be onto something as there are few online sites giving games preparation and year round detailed templates for athletes.  As the Open began, his numbers increased, but those that qualified for the games and were with him prior to the qualification date will be given access to his “instructional and strategy videos”.  He looks to keep some things from the general public before he finds a way to start charging for his ‘services’.

If you want his views on the WODs, you’ll have to wait.  He is holding back until he sees a few Regionals, but he is still providing a daily strength focused template for everyone, not just those looking to qualify for CarsonHere are the rest of his thoughts from today and what will be a site you will likely start hitting more than BP himself.


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