Potential NBA Rookie of the Year credits CrossFit

If I were sponsored by Reebok, I’d likely push their agenda, too.  Maybe Isaiah Thomas is doing just that OR maybe he truly sees the differences CrossFit provides.  In a recent interview with Slam, Thomas brings the truth on his rise to the top of the 1st year players.  He emphasizes his numerous WODs as preparing him (GPP?) for a long, brutal season that tends to break down the best of players.

Thomas states, “You see a lot of players toward the end of the season dying down, kinda getting more tired, and I feel like I can keep going.”  Sound familiar?  He also details how the variation and change in his typical workouts stretched him to work in areas not typically addressed in the past.

After this interview, you can add Thomas to the list of professional athletes I point out to my friends as another guy who drinks the Kool-Aid.


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