Welcome, Neighbor! I brought…Veggies?

Nobody stops by your house with a plate of broccoli as a housewarming gift, but maybe they should.  I firmly believe the easiest way for people that suck at cooking to make up for it is to add sugar, cheese, or both.  Still, Paleo and Primal enthusiasts understand the importance of breaking the sugar habit.  That doesn’t mean they don’t look for alternatives.

Balanced bites provides some sweet (bad pun?) notes on why the alternatives should be kicked, too.  “ALL sweeteners, caloric or non-caloric, can contribute to weight-gain or prohibit weight loss.  Easy enough, but which ones should you use?  Balanced Bites says to stick to natural sweeteners when possible…in moderation.  What is natural these days, though?  Not Stevia.  Whaaaat?


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